Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide

Welcome to Parallel, a TCG game set in the far-flung future of our solar system.
Game CheatSheet
We’ve created a Parallel Cheat Sheet for key gameplay concepts. Click here to download. (1.4mb)


Thousands of years after a global cataclysm known as The Priming led to a planet-wide exodus from Earth, humanity has been fractured into 5 distinct factions known as Parallels. Each one, developing in divergent ways.

The Marcolian are those who left Earth and set their eyes on Mars. A militaristic, prideful, and opportunistic society built from rapid technological innovation.

The Augencore are a society of people who found a living among the resource-rich asteroids of our solar system. Turning to heavy mechanical modifications, the Augencore work tirelessly to maintain their largely nomadic way of life.

The Kathari found refuge on Europa after suffering critical levels of radiation upon their departure from Earth. The remaining passengers of the Artemis Proxima turned to cloning technology to maintain their population.

The Shroud are a group of colonists turned devout followers of a cosmic being known to them as The Great One, the Shroud interpret and follow the mysterious bidding of the Entity.

And finally, The Earthen. Those who were left behind on the surface of an irradiated and seemingly inhospitable Earth in the aftermath of The Priming. As the planet was remade by a mysterious Miasma, so too were the people changed by its life-giving properties. Now inhabiting a lush and verdant Earth, The Earthen gained a strong connection with all life on the planet.

As you play this game, you will have the chance to familiarise yourself with each Parallel’s unique playstyle.

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