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Battle for your Parallel Faction

Futuristic, fast-paced and fun
Build a unique deck

Stand with a Parallel and fight for home. Build a deck, strategize, express your style of play.

Compete worldwide

Bank cards to build up powerful combos. Deploy units to overwhelm your opponent. Use abilities to force a retreat.

Claim victory

Win PRIME to expand your deck and compete at higher levels. Dominate the leaderboards.

Humanity, depleting the Earth of its resources, hastily began experimenting with fission and anti-matter.

Catastrophe was unleashed, leading to a mass exodus from their home.
Five Parallel civilizations rose from the remnants of humanity.

After 10,000 years, Earth had healed, and a new energy source beckoned the Parallels back as they vied for control of their ancestral home.

Guardians of Life
Protect the Earth with unrivaled Defensive capabilities! Enforce peace, or use the strength gifted by the cataclysmic priming to dictate the flow of battle.
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Keepers of the Engine
Utilize the iconic war machines of the Augencore. Pilot mechs into combat or bionically enhance your Units through Upgrades until none can withstand.
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The Crimson Fleet
Fight for the glory of Mars! Wield lightning fast aggression as well as a plethora of devastating fire support and armored vehicles in your relentless assault.
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The Children of Europa
Witness the unending tide of the Kathari. Copy and clone your way to victory with overwhelming numbers. Field cutting edge genetic science to unleash a whole host of symbiotic Units.
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Harbingers of the Void
Give in to the corrupting powers of the Shroud. Devastate those who oppose through manipulating the battlefield and unleashing powerful late game Units.
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