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Humans separated from one another for thousands of years
Each faction represents a part of us and our determination to thrive
Build your deck, form your strategy, battle for home

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Guardians of Life
Protect the Earth with unrivaled Defensive capabilities! Enforce peace, or use the strength gifted by the cataclysmic priming to dictate the flow of battle.
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Keepers of the Engine
Utilize the iconic war machines of the Augencore. Pilot mechs into combat or bionically enhance your Units through Upgrades until none can withstand.
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The Crimson Fleet
Fight for the glory of Mars! Wield lightning fast aggression as well as a plethora of devastating fire support and armored vehicles in your relentless assault.
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The Children of Europa
Witness the unending tide of the Kathari. Copy and clone your way to victory with overwhelming numbers. Field cutting edge genetic science to unleash a whole host of symbiotic Units.
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Harbingers of the Void
Give in to the corrupting powers of the Shroud. Devastate those who oppose through manipulating the battlefield and unleashing powerful late game Units.
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