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Parallel is a sci-fi based competitive card game where players build decks and face off, bank energy, and build armies to decide the fate of humanity

Game Features
Whether you're a TCG veteran or a new player to the genre, Parallel is built for you.
Free To Play

Players can play and earn cards with no purchase necessary. Participate in weekly and monthly giveaways every season.

Bank Cards For Energy

Players strategically choose which cards to bank each turn, gaining energy that allows them to play units, relics, effects, and upgrades. Choosing what card to bank and what card to play is critical, as the right combination can create a powerful winning strategy.

Paragons & Factions

Parallel has 5 unique factions with 15 game changing leaders (Paragons) each with their own active/passive abilities helping you craft a unique play style.

Play At Your Pace

Parallel has different game modes for all types of players. Beginners and casual players can enjoy modes like unranked, AI, and rookie. Competitive players can participate in the Ranked Ladder and Tournament Modes to earn exclusive rewards and prizes.

Parallel TCG
How To Play

Learn how to play Parallel, a free to play digital trading card game, guided by Alliestrasza.

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