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What is a Parallel? What does Parallel have to do with NFTs?
  • A Parallel is one of the five streams of evolution that humans have undergone simultaneously. They are the Earthen, Marcolian, Augencore, Kathari and Shroud.

  • Your purchase consists of original 3D art of a character or artifacts rendered by the artist. Each piece is represented by an NFT “Non Fungible Token” on the Ethereum network. The purchase of this NFT is subject to our terms of service.

  • The Parallel game is composed of digital collectible cards which can be used to build a deck of cards and played in a online / mobile game *In Development*

  • By purchasing this original digital art as an NFT you are supporting the Parallel project. As with anyone supporting an early-stage project, by purchasing the NFT art you accept the risk that the project may experience changes, delays and unforeseen challenges and acknowledge that aspects of the project may not come to fruition.

What do you need to play the Parallel online game?
  • You will need to collect a minimum set of cards to compose a playable deck of cards that is associated with one of the five Parallels.

  • You can create more than 1 deck of cards, and play as any of the Parallels for each match.

  • Mix and match cards from the same Parallel to compose more powerful decks for play

Do I need all Parallels to play?
  • You will need at least one complete deck of cards for one Parallel that you want to play as. You can collect cards from multiple Parallels and have multiple decks so you can choose which Parallel to play as for each match. Universal cards can be used alongside any of the Parallels.

When are Parallel cards released?
  • The Genesis α release of Parallel will happen progressively, starting with an initial release of 15 cards. Currently available cards, and their descriptions, for each Parallel can be found on the Cards page of this website.

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Will Genesis α cards have attributes written into the NFT?
  • The attributes of a card in the Parallel Genesis α deck will not be written into the NFT as we need to ensure balance in game play before adding these values to the cards. We do plan to mint the HP, XP, and Health into the β set and subsequent decks.

Do I need an Ethereum wallet to buy Parallel NFT cards?
  • You will need an Ethereum wallet to hold your Parallel NFTs. We recommend using MetaMask as it’s an industry standard. You can download it as a Chrome browser extension here. You will need an Ethereum wallet for us to deposit any Parallel NFTs you purchase.

Can Parallel print more cards and affect the rarity of my cards?
  • No one can create any more of that particular card and you will have to try to obtain it from someone else via a marketplace or possibly from in game mechanics, packs, or card sets we release in the future. Certain cards may be reproduced in future decks but will be part of the beta, gamma, etc releases, and won’t affect the rarity of the alpha versions.

What is Parallel’s royalty and how is it used?
  • There will be a royalty attached to any Parallel NFT resold via a marketplace. 10% of the resale value will be sent to Parallel. Half of this royalty will be dedicated to funding the project, and the other half will go towards a prize pool for in-game leaderboards and competitions.

When will the game be built?
  • Making a Sci-Fi NFT game with a dynamic interface and beautiful art worthy of its community is an endeavour that requires time and funding. As such, we turn to the community to help bring Parallel to life. By purchasing Parallel NFTs, you are helping us fund the project so that we can accelerate our development timelines. We look forward to everyone being able to enjoy Parallel in its entirety.

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