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Beta: Beginner's Guide


Playing Parallel’s Upcoming Beta

Parallel’s Beta will begin soon. We want to take some time to talk through the upcoming release, what is included, the game modes, and how you can earn PRIME while playing Parallel. Before we dive in, let’s take a look at how you’ll be playing.

1st Time in Beta

Once accepted into Beta, you will have access to our latest build. After completing the tutorial, each user begins their journey with 1 out of 3 Paragons unlocked for each Parallel. The first available mode is Rookie Mode where you will be tasked with achieving wins with each Parallel. Each of your first 5 wins with each Parallel will earn you a different reward. If you win 25 matches--5 wins with all 5 Parallel Factions--you can also earn an additional 5 Apparition Packs. Below is a layout of rewards for each Parallel Faction.


Rookie Mode Screen

Rookie Mode Rewards with each Parallel:

1st Win - Paragon and Common Apparition Pack

2nd Win - Paragon

3rd Win - Apparition Starter Deck & Quickplay Unlock

4th Win - Common Apparition Pack

5th Win - Legendary Apparition Card


Augencore Rookie Mode Rewards

In previous testing of the game, users were given all Apparitions to help with testing. To test our latest developments, functionality, and onboarding, Beta will not include full deck Apparitions. Instead, players will see the cards that they own as well as cards that they earn in-game. There are many opportunities to expand your card collection by simply playing the game and earning more Apparition Packs.

Quickplay and Beyond

After earning your 1st Rookie Deck, Quickplay unlocks and the choice is yours on what to do next. If you’d like to test different cards and combos we suggest AI Mode or the Unranked Mode which allows you to try out anything without losing rank or affecting your Win/Loss ratio. If you think you are ready to gain your rank you can head to the Ranked Mode to play your 10 placement matches which are used to determine your starting rank. Ranked is where you can start earning PRIME if you hold any cards in your wallet.

Earning Prime

Players can earn PRIME from wins within Ranked matchmaking. Achieving a higher rank when winning matches in Ranked will not only earn you a more prestigious rank but can also earn you more PRIME per win. There is a set limit of how many games per day from which you can earn PRIME. This will be 5 wins per day within our Beta. How much PRIME is earned from these victories depends on many factors such as the amount of cards held in the winning deck, a user's win-streak, potential Key Frame combinations, and bonuses from items such as Avatars. Your earnings and winnings can be tracked within the game and also on your Parallel profile. When Beta begins we will be emitting PRIME winnings on BASE at 11% of the full emissions per win. Once we are satisfied with our testing, we will continue to increase this until we are at 100%. Earnings can be bridged via our BASE PORTAL but can also be seamlessly used directly on BASE as well.

Battle Pass

With our latest release, we are premiering some of our reward tracks. You’ll see these in the form of the current ‘CLOSED BETA’ Battle Pass. Earn rewards by gaining XP from completing Missions and winning matches in Parallel. After a future update, every month the Battlepass will showcase new exclusive cosmetics, award plenty of glints, and much more. This will feature a premium reward track that has some rewards we think our community will really enjoy.


Closed Beta Battlepass

Apparition Crafting

Within Parallel you will have the ability to craft apparition cards. So if you are hunting for a certain card that completes your deck but luck hasn’t been on your side, “Scraps” can help with that. In order to craft any specific apparition card you will need some “Scraps”. These can be acquired through the process of “Scrapping” or in other words, destroying other Apparition cards. So if you find yourself with some extra Apparition cards that you don’t need, and you could really use a few specific cards, get Scrapping.


We can’t wait to see users try different combinations within the Keyframe. For new users, we’ll offer you Apparition Keys to earn and use during your time playing Parallel. Keys can only be used once within a Frame. Below is a layout of each Key and its current in-game ability within Keyframing. Note that all Keys must be slotted into an available Keyframing slot to provide their benefit.

Prime Key - Unlocks 6 Keyframing slots.

Overclock Key - Enables you to earn an increased amount of PRIME when you win up to 5 games in a row.

Galaxy Key - Increases your estimated PRIME from winning games by a random amount.

Multifold Key - Extends the benefit of using a card to each apparition version of any card you have. Note: Apparitions are necessary to utilize this effect.

Surge Key - Greatly increases the amount of Renown your cards earn.

Prismatic Key - Wins with a randomly-selected daily Parallel will earn additional PRIME.

Gravity Key - Has a chance to greatly increase the rewards of a Ranked match. You will be notified when the Gravity Key is active, win that match to reap the rewards.

The Core - Increases the number of PRIME-eligible games per day by 1.



Future Content Updates


Tournaments will be available in one of our first content updates after Beta is live. At different set times throughout the day you can join the fight and test your skills against other competitors. Come out on top to earn a new title and other exclusive rewards to Tournaments.

High Stakes Tournaments

While Tournaments, after a future content update, are available to everyone, we do have a specific mode tailored for our card owners and collectors. Within the Tournament update you’ll be able to purchase High Stakes Tournament tickets in the store using PRIME. You can then turn your ticket in for a reservation in the High Stakes Tournament. To participate, a player’s wallet is checked to confirm their Tournament deck matches their wallet contents; a requirement for High Stakes Tournaments. Competitors who make it within the Top 16 will earn a payout of PRIME, with the Tournament winner walking away with the largest reward, plus an exclusive Title to flex in-game. These Tournaments will be offered weekly, to start.

Further Content Updates

Our growing community of Bonds and their members will be looking to take advantage of tournaments and other updates. We look to support this long term with the development of Spectator Mode. We are also working on updates for Bonds, Card Sharing, Cosmetics and Echoes, which will be available in future content updates during Beta.

See you on the Battlefield

We invite all potential Parallel players to drop into our Discord today and join our growing and active community. We’ll have weekly giveaways, team livestreams, and opportunities for you to get into the game soon if you aren’t in yet. If you are looking for more information about Beta, visit our FAQ here or head to our game page. head to our game page.