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Patch 0.24 releases today with Season 5 on the horizon, and with it some major changes to how a match starts.


  • Changes to assist the player who goes second in a game.

  • A new Battle Pass featuring 2 new playable cards will be starting alongside Season 5 - December 1st, 00:00 UTC.

  • Battle Pass Cosmetic Item Upgrade System goes live.

  • New weekly store reset time.

  • New in-game alert system.

  • New SE visual effect.

  • Season 4 SE+MP Raffle.

  • Season 5 SE+MP Raffle.


Our data shows that players going first experience a slightly higher win rate. In an attempt to level the playing field a little, we are implementing a new mechanic exclusive to the second player. The second player will now begin the game with a 0/2 Defender ‘Shield Pod.’ This will hopefully grant second players a defensive tool to help with early rounds of the game. We will be closely monitoring the impacts this has on our matches and will reassess or make revisions if needed in the future.


Serve your legion. Unlock Romus, Recombinant Justician and Master Thief Kozo!

New Playable Legendary Cards - Romus, Recombinant Justician & Master Thief Kozo

Season 5 introduces a new Universal card Master Thief Kozo as well as Romus, Recombinant Justician for Kathari players. Feedback from the previous seasons indicates our players are looking for an offering for all decks and factions, not just players of one specific Parallel. We can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on Master Thief Kozo.

New Cosmetics - Paragon Skins, Card Back, Card Frame, Title

Each season we will continue to offer you new cards and cosmetics exclusive to the Battle Pass.

Season 5 Title Achievement: Recombinant Justician

Our Title Achievements are designed to be stretch goals for the currently active season. One that may not be the easiest to achieve. We’ve heard the feedback from Season 4 in regards to relative difficulty in reaching this Title and have adjusted this reward going forward by moving it to Level 33. Bonus Levels will still require more XP per level [4000 XP].

Season 3 Title Achievement: The Ghost of Mars

Season 3 did not offer a Title but we wanted to offer one retroactively to those who minted Mirielle within the claim window. After patch 0.24 you should see the Title, ‘The Ghost of Mars’ available for use in-game

Battle Pass Cosmetic Upgrade System [PRIME SINK]

The Battle Pass Cosmetics Upgrade System is now available. This system will enable users the option to upgrade Apparition cosmetics earned within the Battle Pass into Digital Collectibles during the month of that Battle Pass. It will cost 3 PRIME and the Apparition version will be destroyed in order to upgrade it into a Digital Collectible. This process will be time-limited to the duration of the Battle Pass from which the cosmetic items originate, similar to the Battle Pass exclusive card. Once the Battle Pass ends, the Apparitions will no longer be available to upgrade, and the tradable Digital Collectible supply will be locked in and updated within the footer.

The option to upgrade can be found in the game client, displaying the currently upgradeable items you have unlocked and will be completed on our website within the Cosmetics Collection.

The cosmetic items that originated from the 2 previous Battle Passes that did not have this feature available at the time will be upgradeable on the website during December’s Battle Pass upgrade window as well. These will not be upgradeable after December’s Battle Pass ends.

New Weekly Store Reset Time

Our in-game store will now have a weekly release schedule as opposed to daily releases. Make sure to check the Store every Tuesday after 3pm ET for our release of brand new items!

New In-game Alert System

Patch 0.24 includes new in-game notification screens. We are also working on match notifications in preparation for our upcoming tournament release.

New In-game SE Treatment

Our latest patch includes the new Special Edition visual effects. We will continue to iterate on these visual effects and appreciate your feedback throughout the process.

Other Bugfixes included in Patch 0.24

  • Dana Silvertongue can no longer be activated multiple times

  • Dauntless Axeman will now lose pacifist when it becomes awakened if gained from external source

  • When playing Sacred Destruction using Eighth Palm of Galli, will now create Bela, Wielder of Unmaking

  • Gallian Recombinant's created Recombinant Clone will not kill itself when copying another Recombinant Clone

  • Soleia, Disciple of Gaffar's ability is now able to select Cannot be targeted cards

  • Engine Whisperer wont reduce costs after being banished

  • Recombinant Clone can now attack immediately even after copying a card with Battle Ready

  • Grove Guardian's retaliate no longer triggers when sent to bank

  • Error when Scipius Magnus Alpha is activated and triggers Rangsei's muster ability

  • Error when a card that gains decay from Virulent Spore is re-fielded

  • Valerusi Striker's attack decreases after one is destroyed

  • Life Vault's ability prompt disappears after the first card is played

Season 4: Sinister Ascent Masterpiece and SE Raffle

Our raffle for Season 4 will occur after the first week of December. If you’ve minted the First Edition version of Baron Squire, The Vile during Season 4 and continue to hold the card in your wallet during the snapshot on December 7th, 2023 @ 5pm ET you will be automatically entered for a chance at both the Special Edition [SE] and Masterpiece. Winners will have their [SE] or MP sent to their wallet. Each card equals a chance at a Special Edition or Masterpiece. Please note the claim period for Baron Squire closes on December 7th at 5pm ET. Please claim and mint before this deadline.

Season 5: Recombinant Justice Masterpiece and SE Raffle

Season 5 will include a Masterpiece and Special Edition raffle for Romus, Recombinant Justician. There will also be a raffle for the Special Edition version of Master Thief Kozo. The Masterpiece for Master Thief Kozo will be made available to one lucky participant in the Planetfall Pack Opening. More details will be provided at the end of Season 5 for this raffle.