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SEASON 3: Crimson Confidant


SEASON 3: Crimson Confidant

We are excited to announce the first of many Premium Battlepasses; the Crimson Confidant. Starting October 1st, Parallel’s Battlepass will offer far more rewards between its free and premium tracks - with both tracks containing limited-time exclusive rewards to unlock. With that said, let’s get into what will be covered in this article


  • The Premium track within the Battlepass goes live October 1st, starting with Season 3: Crimson Confidant.

  • The rewards within the Battlepass are expanding to include Battlepass exclusive cosmetics, Tournament Entries, and a new card.

  • Tournament Mode is planned to release in a future content update.

  • You can Upgrade your Apparition cosmetic items to their Prime Variant if obtained from the Battlepass, only during the month of that Battlepass. (Turning in your apparition version and paying a fee in PRIME)

  • Cosmetic Upgrades will not be live for the October Battlepass. You will be able to upgrade the Apparition cosmetic items from October’s Battlepass during a future month when the feature goes live.


Each month you’ll be able to earn exclusive rewards through the Battlepass including:


The Battlepass is divided into two tracks: the Free Track and the Premium Track. Both tracks span from Level 1 to Level 30 and include - what we like to call - Bonus Levels, for those players that enjoy the grind beyond Level 30.

[FREE TRACK] - Within the Free Track [Level 1-30] you will be able to unlock a variety of items primarily focused on player progression. Those include Apparition Packs, Ethereal Shards and Fragments (XP Boosts), the newly featured playable card, an exclusive Paragon Skin, Glints, and an exclusive Card Frame.

  • The Free track will be available to all players.

[PREMIUM TRACK] - The Premium Track [Level 1-30] offers a more expansive suite of items to unlock, including access to the newly featured playable card at level 1, multiple exclusive Paragon Skins, an exclusive Card Back, tournament entries, Glints, Apparition Packs, and the opportunity to unlock the First Edition version of the newly featured playable card.

  • Access to the Premium track will be purchasable with Glints. [2400 Glints]

[BONUS LEVELS] - The Bonus Levels [31+] are designed to help continue progression once the primary reward tracks are completed. Starting at Level 31 you will earn an apparition pack per level as well as a Premium Apparition Pack every 10 Levels.

  • The Bonus Levels will be available to all players for free.

NOTE: You are able to purchase Levels with Glints up to Level 30. The Bonus Levels at Level 31+ are not purchasable.


[APPARITION ACQUISITION] - Within each new Battlepass, a new card will be introduced into the game, obtainable only from that Battlepass for the first month. Meaning - you cannot pull this card out of an Apparition Pack or craft it using Scraps.

Once the Battlepass containing that new card is over you will be able to pull that card out of an Apparition Pack or craft it with Scraps.

[NON-APPARITION ACQUISITION] - The non-apparition First Edition version of the card will be exclusively available within the Premium track. If you reach the required level within the Premium track you will be able to claim a single copy of the First Edition version of the new card.

[Edition Sizes] - The total Edition Size for these First Edition cards is not set but will only be available during that month’s Battlepass. This means that if only 500 players reach this level in the Premium Track Battlepass and claim their First Edition card before the season ends, then the total Edition Size will only be 500. The First Edition version will never be distributed again.

[SE? MP?] - Special Edition and Masterpiece versions will be randomly distributed to any owner of the First Edition version of that card at the time of a snapshot (in which we will clearly communicate). Meaning, Special Editions and the Masterpiece of the new card will be up for grabs every Battlepass.

[Echo, Echo, Echo] - Newly obtained cards will be treated the same for Replication. If you own the First or Special Edition version you will be able to create an Echo version of the card. Replication will become available once the Battlepass containing that new card is over.

If you’ve missed the opportunity to obtain the new Battlepass card you will have the opportunity to obtain one through Apparition packs as well as through scrapping and crafting after the Battlepass has ended. You may also purchase a copy on secondary markets.


It’s almost time to prove you have what it takes and that you deserve that top spot on the ladder over your peers. Starting October 1st, with Season 3: Crimson Confidant, you will be able to earn tournament entries in the Battlepass Premium Track. This will allow you to prepare for the upcoming Tournament Mode feature, which is slated to come into the game in a future content update.


We’ve dedicated the coming portion to diving into how cosmetic rewards such as Paragon Skins, Card Backs, and Card Frames will work in the Battlepass alongside our goal of elevating your ownership over these cosmetic items. Below, we will cover how you unlock the Apparition versions of these cosmetics and how you can use Cosmetic Upgrades to enhance your experience and gain complete ownership over your newly earned cosmetic items.

[UNLOCKING COSMETICS] - Both the Free and Premium Tracks within the Battlepass contain exclusive cosmetic rewards for you to unlock. To unlock them, simply reach the level in the Battlepass which the cosmetic is unlocked and claim it to be able to equip it. This is an Apparition version of the cosmetic item, a non-tradable variant just like Apparition cards.

[COSMETIC UPGRADES] - Any cosmetic item that you unlock in the Battlepass will have the option to be Upgraded to its Prime Variant by paying a fee in PRIME and trading in your Apparition version of that item. What is a Prime Variant? You can look at Prime Variants of cosmetic items the same way you look at First or Special Edition versions of the cards today. They are under your complete control in terms of trade-ability and marketability.

[COSMETIC UPGRADE LIMITATIONS] - Not all Apparition cosmetic items can be upgraded through this system. Only cosmetic items that are available within the current Battlepass are available to upgrade. The ability to upgrade ends with each Battlepass. Apparition cosmetic items obtainable outside of the Battlepass are currently not upgradeable. This means that the Edition Size of the Prime Variants of the cosmetic items will become whatever number of users upgraded that cosmetic item during its availability within the Battlepass. Meaning if only 500 users upgraded that specific Apparition cosmetic item from the Battlepass, then its total Edition Size for the tradable and marketable Prime Variant would be 500.

[COSMETIC UPGRADE IMPLEMENTATION TIMELINE] - The functionality to upgrade Apparitions to their Prime Variant isn’t quite ready yet. However do not worry, we still want to give you the opportunity to upgrade the items from the October Battlepass if you earn them! We will be allowing users to upgrade items from any Battlepass during the month in which the feature goes live.

Season 3 begins on October 1st 00:00 UTC with rank reset occurring on October 2nd at 10am EST. Your new season ranks will be revealed on October 4th at midnight! We'll see you on the battlefield.