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The eagerly anticipated Planetfall expansion for the Parallel Trading Card Game (TCG) is nearly upon us. Here’s a guide on what to expect, pack details, and key dates to keep an eye on.


Planetfall serves as the inaugural expansion for the TCG–setting the stage for a thrilling new chapter in the Parallel universe. This expansion includes:

  • Fresh abilities for every Parallel faction

  • Potent new cards that will redefine strategies

  • An expanded visual narrative showcasing new characters and settings.

  • New immersive artwork that dives deep into the epic struggle for Earth.

Moreover, various pack options will be available for purchase, including Player Packs, Collector Packs, and Collector Crates.

Detailed Pack Breakdown

1. Player Packs

Tailored for players keen on enhancing their Planetfall card collection, the Player Packs predominantly feature Commons, Uncommons, and Rares. However, there's also an opportunity to snag Prime pulls. Each pack is priced at .018 Ξ.

2. Collector Packs

These premium packs, priced at .18 Ξ each, contain 10 cards and are designed to give players a higher probability of rare pulls. Every purchase includes:

  • One All Out War Card Back, which is treated as a single raffle ticket for the Ultimate Pack Giveaway

3. Collector Crates

For those looking to buy in bulk, the Collector Crates offer a discounted bundle of 10 Collector Packs at 1.6 Ξ. These crates come with added perks including:

  • One Armada of One Card Back, which is treated as 11 raffle tickets for the Ultimate Pack Giveaway

Ultimate Pack Raffle

The Ultimate Pack is a Parallel collector’s dream pack. The Ultimate Pack guarantees a Masterpiece, all three new Keys, and six randomly selected SE cards. Five fortunate Planetfall Collector Pack/Crate purchasers will win this pack after the Presale concludes. Holders of the Planetfall Promo Cardbacks (All Out War and Armada of One), on the announced snapshot date will have 1 raffle ticket and 11 raffle tickets entered per Card Back, respectively.

Exciting Additions in Planetfall

New Prime Pulls

  • Aftermath SE sets: Aftermath is the next expansion set following Planetfall. A select few can get their hands on the Aftermath SE set card which represents each [SE] card from the Aftermath expansion set. This will be redeemable at a future date.

  • Prime Chips:
    These can be redeemed on Echelon’s website for $PRIME in denominations of 50, 100, and 500.

  • Field Backs:
    Visual in-game board enhancements that showcase a different background for your game board.

  • Card Frames: Visual in-game enhancements for your cards that give them a themed frame.

  • Cosmetics:
    Enhance your in-game appearance with rare, low-edition-size collectibles such as Emotes and Paragon Skins.

  • Prime Capital Ships: Introducing new playable Prime rarity legendary cards featuring animated art from each of the five Parallels.

  • Audio Tracks: Rare in-game music tracks for each Parallel. These tracks will offer exclusive sounds that will provide dynamic listening that will change over time (to come in a future content update).

  • Skeleton Key:
    In-game Keyframe ability: Each day, it turns into a different random key that you don’t have in your Keyframe.

  • Solar Key:
    In-game Keyframe ability: Awards a PRIME bonus if you win at least one ranked game with each Parallel in a single day.

  • Champion’s Key:
    In-game Keyframe ability: Ranked wins give you a chance at getting a free High Stakes Tournament Ticket.

Introduction of Native Language Cards

Native Language [NL] cards are a new variant of card available in Planetfall [expansion set] that has the footer in the native script of each Parallel and an in-game visual treatment when played to the field.

Key Dates for Planetfall

Planetfall Manifest: From October 25th, 3pm EST to October 27th, 10am EST. The Manifest offers no limit for Player Packs and a tiered limit for Collector Packs. The Manifest guarantees priority access for those included but may sell out before closure. Here is a breakdown of the tiers and their limits:

Manifest Qualifier Tiers (per asset)

  • Tier 1: 1 crate or 10 packs - Prime Key, Masterpiece

  • Tier 2: 1 pack- Avatar, Terminal, S3 Premium Pass, S3 MMR, PRIME >111 in snapshot.

    The Snapshot for Prime holdings was taken at 2:30pm EST on October 18th. The Manifest Snapshot for all other qualifications was taken on Thursday, October 19th at 5pm EST.

Planetfall Presale Open Sale: Beginning on October 28th. Those with a referral link can start purchasing at 1PM EST, while the general public can join in at 3PM EST. Packs are non-transferable until October 29th and will remain sealed until later in Q4 2023 (date TBA).

Lastly, those aiming to utilize PRIME can anticipate a Planetfall Payload after pack opening, allowing players to purchase additional Planetfall-specific cards with some Prime pulls included. Future updates will also enable Artigraphs in PRIME for Planetfall cards.

Mark your calendar for this upcoming Saturday the 28th at 3pm ET, and gear up for an exciting experience with the Planetfall expansion!