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Planetfall Packs Are Ready to Rip


We’re excited to enjoy another Pack Opening with our community. Use the outline below to stay informed and up to date on the different phases for Planetfall’s Pack Opening.


December 12, 5pm ET: Pre-Redeem Packs beginning at 5pm ET.

December 13, 9:30am ET: Pack Opening starts; early redeemers can open packs beginning at 9:30am ET. Others may begin redeeming any time after 9:30am ET.

December 13, 8pm ET: Shift to twice daily assignments (8am & 4pm ET daily) until January 2024.

January 2024: Move to fully on-chain redemptions.

Packs & Contents

Collector Pack contents will live on Ethereum Mainnet and Player Pack items will live on Base L2. We plan on making a bridge available for cards to be sent to and from BASE to Mainnet.

Pre-Redeem Your Planetfall Packs

Early Pack Redemption Starts on December 12 at 5pm ET. You can pre-redeem your packs [including Player, Collector and Crates] starting at that time. These packs will be the first available packs to open on December 13 at 9:30am ET.

December 13 Pack Opening

Pack Opening officially begins December 13 at 9:30am ET. Users who submit their packs for redemption on the 12th will be able to begin opening their packs at 9:30am ET on December 13. We aim to provide a low cost pack opening, so we will be covering as many costs as we can. The only cost to the user is gas to send the pack[s] in for redemption. Player and Collector packs may be redeemed together and Crates must be redeemed themselves. On December 13 we will be assigning packs every 15-30 minutes until 8pm ET. Afterwards we will follow the opening schedule outlined below.

December 13 @ 8pm ET and Beyond

As of 8pm ET on December 13 we will move to two opening times per day until January 2024. These opening times will be 8am and 4pm ET daily. Those submitting packs can return after the times indicated to experience their Planetfall Pack Opening.

Shipping Cards

Cards from opened Planetfall packs will be shipped within 24-72 hrs of their packs redemption. We aim to send as soon as we can and will continuously monitor gas.

Looking Forward to 2024

In 2024 we will move all Pack redemptions to full on-chain redemptions. This means users will pay for the Assignment / VRF and should expect a fee which will be outlined at that time.

May your pulls be Prime //